I’ve researched so many random (but cool) things while writing this story. Wednesday I was looking at the history of toilets while trying to decide whether or not a medieval garderobe would be an appropriate fit for the context of my story, a medieval/Victorian hybrid. Today it was gothic architecture, and I’ve also looked at Byzantine architecture in the past. I’ve read about medieval torture devices, hoping that maybe one or two of them might make their way into my story at some point. (My personal favorites happen to be the rack and the pear. I don’t limit myself to medieval torture devices, though – I also happen to be rather partial to the corset, which I will be discussing at length on this blog soon.)

I love how all of the seemingly useless things I’ve learned always seem to work their way into my stories. Who ever said that history was useless?



1 thought on “Research.”

  1. I love researching for stories. I think it might actually be one of my favorite aspects of writing.When I was in England, I went to a medieval torture museum. In order to get in the front door, we had to walk under a spiked cage. It was disturbingly interesting.

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