Sunday Salon: 12/27/09

The Sunday Salon.com

What with the holidays, I haven’t really gotten that much reading done this week. I finished Crown Duel and The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and should hopefully finish The Hobbit tonight.

This week I’m hoping to read The Dark Divine and Magic Under Glass, and maybe start The Fellowship of the Ring. I’m leaving for the coast on Tuesday and will be there until Friday, so I’m not sure how much time for reading I’ll have.

I’m still working on my Spanish-American War post, but I’m hoping to have that posted tomorrow. I also have a review of the 2009 Wuthering Heights miniseries that I want to post at the end of the week, after I get back from the coast. Other posts I have lined up are posts about the U.S. Bill of Rights and the Tristan & Iseult legends, and reviews of Wuthering Heights (the book), North & South (the miniseries), Braveheart, The Notebook (the movie), and Crown Duel.

Have a great week everyone! &hearts


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