In which I get a little bored.

I decided that, instead of trying to keep up with two blogs (one of which I’ve had since I was in eleventh grade), maybe I should try to do the efficient thing and combine the two. And since everyone and their mother seems to be on Blogger these days and this blog is shiny and new compared to the other one, I’m going to switch over to this one.

So. I will continue to post book and movie reviews and post about history, because all of these things are awesome. However, I will also be posting more about me and my life because this is all so wonderful and exciting.

I must confess, though, I feel as if I’ve been lied to a little bit. I don’t see any cookies over here on the dark side.


4 thoughts on “In which I get a little bored.”

  1. Yay for the migration to Blogger! I am still in love with LJ (purely because of the comment system) — but I've got to say, with so many people over here at Blogger, it's a nice incentive to stay here. :]

  2. dArLyN: Thanks! =)Sandy: I think that's the one thing I don't like about Blogger. If they could just give us a nifty reply feature like what LJ has…

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