Friday Five: Spring Break!

1. I can now officially say that I’m on spring break, since I worked my last shift of the quarter this morning. I spent a great deal of it scrubbing plate carts (because life in food service is glamorous). Telling myself that I was getting paid for it helped me get through it…but I’m also glad to have a week and a half off work.

2. Yesterday was my 21st birthday. I went over to my best friend’s apartment and watched Mulan while she made me my first drink (and subsequently claimed bragging rights for life).

3. I should probably be packing right now. I’ve piled all of my dirty clothes into it so I can wash them at home, but everything else? Haven’t even touched it. I leave tomorrow morning, and I probably won’t be able to pack tonight since I’m going out to dinner for my birthday with a couple of my other friends.

4. I’ve worked a little bit on Shards of Memory, in between running around hanging out with people. I finally made it past Chapter 3, which I’d been stuck on all quarter. And now I’m starting to get into some really juicy stuff. Success!

5. I get to see my sister tomorrow. And I am excited. =)


6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Spring Break!”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Steph! Enjoy your Spring Break. What is it? Something definitely unknown to poor me! We'll have just some days off at Easter. But I jsut need them to relax. Not going anywhere.Best wishesMG

  2. Maria: Having the week off before my next term is nice. I'm hoping to get some reading done, and watch some movies. Definitely not things I have time to do normally!And thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone!

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