Well, this is it.

The big one. The one we’ve been waiting for. On Wednesday morning, I will officially be done with my junior year of college. And on Friday afternoon, I will officially move out of the dorms for good.

I feel way different than I did coming into this year. When I started this year back in September, I was starting off on my latest adventure, my teacher education courses. I was completely terrified. And now…well, I’m still a little terrified, yes, but I also feel like I’m right where I belong.

Of course, not all of the things I’ve learned this year have been school related. I think the single most important thing I learned this year is that no matter what happens, I can survive. Last quarter consisted of what were probably the most difficult months of my life, between the things that happened in my personal life and the fact that, even though I felt like my entire world had been ripped out from under me, I still had to get up for work in the morning and go in there and smile like nothing was wrong. I still had to go to class and take exams and keep up with the readings and projects. And I managed to survive.

On a somewhat related note, I also learned that it’s okay not to know where things are going sometimes, not to know how certain things will turn out. I try to take all of the things I experience in life and learn from them. So even if something may not turn out how I want it to in the end, I shouldn’t focus on that; I should focus on what’s happening now. Because even if things don’t work out in the end, it’s still an experience I can take and learn from.

And now, I have a history final to study for. All I can say to that is, bring it on.


2 thoughts on “Well, this is it.”

  1. I have such a hard time with not knowing where things are going, I love to have everything figured out all the time. You're so right though, it's okay not to know everything for sure, I need to get better about that. Congrats on finishing your junior year!

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