This sounds really nerdy, but I get a secret enjoyment out of crawling into bed in my pajamas at the end of a long day with tea (or cocoa, tonight) and doing my history reading. Even though it’s for class, there’s still something sort of relaxing about it.

Tonight I’m reading about the Harlem Renaissance for my class on the U.S. from 1920-1945. It’s really, really interesting. I think our reading for next week is about the revitalization of the KKK, so that’ll be an interesting contrast…juxtaposing this week’s reading on reclaiming African American racial identity with next week’s reading on nativism and white supremacy.

Maybe part of the reason I’m so happy to be curled up in bed tonight is because it started snowing (again!) about an hour ago when I got out of my work meeting and I’m really glad to have made it home without slipping and falling on the ice. And because I’ve got really yummy cocoa with whipped cream and there’s like twenty pounds of blankets on my bed in addition to the flannel sheets so it’s really warm.

In other news, I will hopefully (fingers crossed!) find out my practicum placement tomorrow. I pretty much know what school I’ll be at (assuming my professor does place me with a teacher at the school I requested), but I don’t know what days or times or grade level or subject I’m with yet. I think 6th graders would be really fun, but I guess I’ll see…

Oh. And it’s official. I’m completely addicted to True Blood. I’ve finished the first two seasons already in the past two weeks and I can’t wait to start the third. I’ve pretty much decided my ideal man is a cross between Bill and Eric. But mostly Eric. And maybe a little Sam thrown in. I have pretty high standards =)


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  1. Stephanie, hi! When I found out I'd be working with seventh graders at a middle school for my student teaching assignment, I thought, "Help! I don't know how to teach seventh graders! They're still little kids!" But after spending that semester with them and then my first – and only – year of teaching at another middle school (working with mostly sixth graders, no less), I now look at my husband's high school students and think, "Help! I could never teach them! Look at how big they are!" :)Good luck with your practicum!

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