A teaser, among other things.

I just finished writing Chapter 8, and since I haven’t posted a teaser in awhile, I decided to post a little snippet of what I’ve been working on today. =)

So, basically, this scene involves Calanthe, my MC, and Ethan, one of my male leads, who have just been betrothed. I don’t really think I need any further explanation:

I could see the Count’s profile in shadow as he looked toward the ballroom, tapping his foot and crossing his arms as he did so.

“You don’t want to go back in, either?” I asked quietly, stopping a couple feet away from him, looking down at the garden as I ran my hand along the stone railing.

“Not particularly,” he replied, so quietly that I almost didn’t hear him. “I feel like I’m just putting on a show in there.”

“As do I,” I said. It was probably the first honest thing I’d said to him.

I heard the gentle scrape of a leather slipper on the stone beneath our feet. He was only a few inches from me now, standing beside me with his hand resting only a few centimeters from mine. If either of us shifted, we would have been touching.

“Well, then, Miss Mal – Calanthe. Maybe…we can be friends. Even if this arrangement isn’t what either of us imagined, even if we’re just pieces in the game our families are playing. At least we can do that, hmm?”

I looked up at him. “I would like that, My Lord,” I said, swallowing a lump in my throat. I was crying. Why was I crying?

“Ethan,” he said emphatically. “My name is Ethan.”

“Ethan,” I said quietly. A tear splashed down my cheek, escaping the safety net of my reserve.

A hand, rough with callus from sword work, reached down to cup my face. Ethan rubbed his thumb lightly over my cheek, as light as a summer breeze, wiping away the next tear that was making its way down my face.

I inhaled deeply, holding the air in my lungs while I counted to five before releasing it in a controlled stream.

That was all it took for me to put the mask back in place. Ethan offered his arm to me, which I gladly took.

It was two smiling, happy people who reentered that ballroom. And either because of our brilliant acting, or because of the denial of our audience, no one questioned that either one of us was anything but content.

In other news…I don’t have a practicum placement yet. My professor told those of us who haven’t been placed yet that she is still talking to teachers. So, fingers crossed that I hear something soon! It’s already almost Week 3 of the quarter, so I really hope I can get into a classroom soon.

For those of you keeping score at home, my roomie and I finished the second season of True Blood on Tuesday. With burgers we picked up for lunch on our way back from the grocery store (where I bought macaroni and cheese, ramen, eggs, milk, and chocolate pudding. But somehow forgot bread. Oh, well.). And then last night we started the third season, and proceeded to watch four episodes in a row, whilst sipping completely Epic Hot Cocoa and eating pizza with whole wheat crust. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my life when we finish. Probably read the books. And get myself hooked on Mad Men and The Tudors, because I really need more obsessions in my life, right?

Well. My roomie has requested my company on an excursion to the store. So I suppose I will wrap this up for now. Have a great weekend, everyone! ♥


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