This weekend I went on strike.

I get out of class at noon on Thursdays and have no class on Fridays, so theoretically I have four solid days to work on homework.

Except I didn’t. At all. Until today. Instead I read a lot, slept, hung out with my friends, wrote a little, and got myself hooked on The Tudors.

It was actually pretty liberating. I sort of just did whatever I felt like doing and didn’t worry about having to get THIS, THIS, and THIS done by THIS DAY AND TIME.

Thursday night a few friends came over for a dinner party, and by dinner party I mean that my roommate purchased a bottle of wine to drink with our prepackaged chili. Because, obviously, wine makes everything so much classier, particularly when you’re a poor college student.

But whatever. We watched Jeopardy. It was fun.

Friday I spent pretty much all day watching live feeds on various news websites about Egypt, before I finally gave poor Pinky, my decrepit Macbook, a break, and started Speak. Which I fully intended to finish as soon as I got home from work, because it is an amazing, amazing book, except something came up…

…in the form of two of my friends getting engaged. So, obviously, we all had to go downtown to Boundary Bay to celebrate. And disrupt our fellow patrons with a toast. (Fortunately, all the patrons by that point were college students. They were totally game for cheering on the happy couple.)

Yesterday I felt icky when I got home from work. So I promptly changed into pajamas, took some ibuprofen, and fell asleep for like two hours. And then woke up and finished Speak, ate some spaghetti with my roomie, started As You Wish (which is totally awesome so far), edited the first two pages of my novel (finally), and watched the first episode of The Tudors before falling asleep again.

I’m totally hooked on The Tudors now, by the way. There are too many dashing men for me to not be. My favorite so far is Charles Brandon. He seems, from that first episode, pretty snarky, which I can fully appreciate.

(As I explained to my dad, I don’t watch “historical” movies/TV shows because I want to learn about history. Which, given his tendency to watch submarine movies when he is, in fact, a submariner, he can understand completely.)

And after another shift today, I’m finally working on homework. I spent an hour on the first section of my unit plan for my methods class that’s due tomorrow, and I’ve got some more pieces to put together. This class emphasizes a method called Understanding by Design. So, basically, instead of putting together a string of activities about some topic or other, we have to have all of the lesson plans and activities in the unit be connected to some bigger idea. Which is the part I was putting together this afternoon. I actually like this method, though I know not everyone does. It makes sense, to me, to have all of the parts of the unit linked in some way. And by encouraging understanding instead of just knowledge, I think it makes the units more meaningful.

I’m feeling well-rested, and not nearly as stressed as I usually would be at this point in the weekend. I’d say my unintentional strike was a success =)

Have a great week, everyone! &hearts

Currently Listening To: Britney Spears – “Hold It Against Me”


1 thought on “Strike!”

  1. I don't have class on Friday either, but I work for most of the day. I pretty much went on strike this weekend too. Friday I went to a friend's house to drink and play Wii, Saturday everyone (I'm exaggerating) I went to high school with was at a party so I went to that, and then today my fiance's family came to visit so that ate up most of my day. And now I'm exhausted.

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