adventures at 11:11

On workshop days my creative writing professor lets us leave the classroom to go other places on campus to read and discuss each others’ work. Since it’s sunny out today, and it’s due to start raining again tomorrow, my group decided to go find a table outside to sit at. Our idea to pretend it was 60 or 70 degrees out instead of 40 was a nice one, except for the part where I could still see my breath. That sort of spoiled the illusion a little.

For this week we had to write a poem in one of three forms: villanelle, sestina, or ghazal. While I love villanelles, I’ve already written a few of them outside of this class, so I ruled that out because I wanted to try something different. I tried a sestina, but got two stanzas in and scrapped it because I was starting to get bored with having to end every single line with one of six words, not to mention I really didn’t want to go on and on about the same subject for 39 lines. So I decided to attempt the ghazal, which is a form I had never heard of before. Additionally, my professor had told us that this is probably the most difficult of the three forms, and that writing it would be a killer task. To which I said: challenge accepted.

So this is what I came up with:

The green numbers on my clock read 11:11.
In the darkness, the figures bleed 11:11.

Half-formed rhymes, a scrawl on paper.
Busywork for my hands, awaiting your call at 11:11.

I’ve imagined countless scenarios; I dream them,
what I would say, my adoration agleam, at 11:11.

The scratch, scratch of my pen, disturbed silence.
There is always a glimmer of hope, then, at 11:11.

My phone lights up; my breath stills.
I pick up, to greet our death, at 11:11.

Which apparently came out sounding much creepier than I’d intended, apparently. Like…it sounds like my speaker is plotting to kill someone. Which is totally not what I was getting at. The whole death thing? Totally metaphorical.

Anyway. Red Square is actually a really interesting place to be when you’re just sitting there not talking. Usually when I’m there I’m just trying to hurry to class or whatever. Like, I’d never noticed just how loud the construction is. They’ve been working on that building for so long that it’s sort of just background noise now, but when the square is empty because everyone is in class, it’s mostly just disruptive. There’s also a prayer/singing circle that meets there during the time I’m in that class. Usually I walk by them without noticing. But this time I was really able to pick up on the harmony. And there’s, like, 10 people. That’s pretty awesome.

So that’s my Thursday so far. Now it’s time to work on SHARDS, meet my friend for coffee, read The Grapes of Wrath, watch Grey’s, and hopefully get some sleep for my practicum tomorrow. Happy weekend, everyone =)

Currently Listening To: Boys Like Girls – “The First One”


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