in which I learn how to time travel (finally!)

I don’t know if anyone has been playing Oregon Trail on Facebook at all. Because they added it, right before my unit plan was due, so I’ve been spending a lot of time playing it. (I’ve made it to Oregon once so far. In case anyone cares.) I forgot how addictive this game is. My roommate was making fun of me, until I found out she never played it as a child. This made me very sad for her, because just about every single person I know from our generation used to play it on computer lab days in elementary school…

Anyway. I forced her to play it. I don’t think she appreciated it as much as I do, but she seemed amused by it.

I’ve also been listening to the 90s Alternative station on Pandora, and realizing how much better the music was back then. So, basically, this means I’ve been singing along to all of the songs I remember hearing on the radio back in the day. Which isn’t conducive to homework-doing.

I think my next step is to hunt down some of the old Nickelodeon TV shows from back in the day. No offense to the new shows, but they’re just not as good. (We actually don’t get Nickelodeon at my apartment, so I only ever watch it when I go home to visit my family. I don’t even know what’s on anymore.)

Currently Listening To: Counting Crows – “Mr. Jones”


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