so I lied when I said I was doing homework last night.

Things I did last night instead of doing my homework:

-Played Oregon Trail on Facebook. I have to say, it feels too easy. Seriously, where’s the dying of dysentery portion? There’s no challenge when there’s no imminent risk of death, which I’m totally not seeing here.

-Stayed up till 1am reading Incarceron, which I finished after class today. And holy crap, it was good. Unfortunately, I was able to accurately predict many of the plot twists. Something would happen and be said and then a voice at the back of my mind would be saying, Wait a second… But then again, I have a pretty good instinct for these things. So that’s really not saying much.

Things I’ve been doing today instead of working on my creative writing portfolio, which is due Monday afternoon:

-Finishing Incarceron. See above.

-Talking to my dear little baby sister, who got her first college acceptance letter today. To my university, no less. =)

-Starting The Body Finder. I like it so far. 50 pages in, not overly excited yet, but intrigued enough to keep reading.

-Playing Oregon Trail. See above.


2 thoughts on “so I lied when I said I was doing homework last night.”

  1. I love Oregon Trail! But yeah, it's not good on Facebook. All of my important assignments/exams were today and yesterday so I skipped work and powered through it all. Now I can relax.

  2. Fortunately I don't have any exams this quarter…I just have a unit plan to finish writing, my portfolio to put together, and a history essay to write. Then I can relax too!

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