how to study like a pro

How to Study Like a Pro
a list by Stephanie Allen, expert

-Keep Facebook and TweetDeck open at all times. This is very, very important.
-Make a giant pot of coffee. The stronger, the better.
-Keep Lady GaGa and Ke$ha playing on loop the entire time. If you want to add some variety, their respective Pandora stations are also acceptable.
-Update your blog.
-Glare at your roommate who graduated last spring for forgetting that a) you are still in school, and b) it is finals week.
-If you need a break, going for a walk to the nearest coffee shop is perfectly acceptable.
-When your other roommate breaks your concentration by asking if you have finals week, glare at him, too. Because even if you don’t have in-class exams, you still have essays and projects to turn in. And you’re working very hard on them.
-Play Oregon Trail on Facebook.
-If it’s time for another break, dance around your kitchen to some Backstreet Boys.
-Tweet about how much you hate finals week.
-Work a little bit on whatever it is you’re supposed to be working on, then browse Tumblr for awhile.
-Make some ramen.
-Realize at like 2 am that your essay/project/portfolio is due in a few hours.
-Repeat as needed.

Currently Playing: Boys Like Girls – “Heart Heart Heartbreak”


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