Oh hey there, blogosphere.

A splendid little cold has put me out of commission for a couple days, so I figured I’d write an actual post. πŸ˜€

The two history classes I’m taking as electives this quarter (since I finished the history portion of my degree in the fall so I don’t technically need to be taking them anymore…) have been keeping me busy. I have research papers for both of them, which I am cheerfully slaving away on. I’m writing about how the federal role in U.S. education policy has changed since 1958 for my U.S. history class, and then I’m doing…something…with inquisitions for my medieval religious history seminar. (I’m not sure yet. The bad thing about medieval sources is at least half the time they haven’t been translated into English. That’s assuming they haven’t been destroyed, which my professor very sadly informed me many of the records pertaining to the inquisitions have been.) It’s a little bittersweet this quarter, since I’m not planning to take any history classes in the fall, my last quarter taking actual classes at Western. So these are the last history papers of my undergraduate career. :/

For my macroeconomics class I have to do Junior Achievement again. I met the fifth grade class I’ll be doing the curriculum with next week. They’re cute. But really, really rambunctious, which will be a problem since the day I’ll be there is the Friday before the three day weekend. But they were awesome, I went to music class with them and they asked me if I was going to recess with them too. It made me sad to say no. =(

OH YEAH. Fall is my last quarter physically at Western. I turned in my student teaching paperwork on the 2nd of this month, so come January I should be in a classroom somewhere starting my student teaching! I’m really excited. I really want to work in a middle school with a higher minority population, but I’ll end up with whatever the people at the Office of Field Experiences can find me. So I’m really just going into this with an open mind, because hopefully whatever I end up with will be a rewarding experience, even if it’s not my first choice.

I’m registered for all of the classes I have left. (Except for one of the English classes, but since I’m not an English major I have to wait until August to register, since that’s when the major restriction lifts…sigh.) I’m taking Young Adult Lit this summer, which I’m super excited about (if slightly frustrated I’m required to take a class about things I already read a ton of…). And then in the fall I’m just taking my classroom management class, my high school practicum, and hopefully that last English class…and a random art history class, since I was one credit short. (I had 11. I need at least 12.)

I’ve been looking not-so-hard (mostly because I don’t have time) for a summer job…if that doesn’t work out…well, more time to write. πŸ˜€

Anyway. I hope everyone is doing well! I’ll be done with spring classes in less than a month so I’ll be able to post more regularly then.

Currently Listening To: Lady GaGa – “Hair”

Obligatory education links for the day:
“The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries”, an op-ed from the New York Times talking about what low teacher salaries are actually costing our society
“Battle Cry for the Mr. Saxons!”, a blog post by Gayle Forman, standing up for teachers

Until next time, then… &hearts


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