As of 11:05am I am DONE with my first senior year of college.

I also realized that, macroeconomics being the last class required for my degree, I unofficially have a college degree under my belt, as well. Although, I elected to not graduate until I finish my teaching stuff, so it’ll be another year until I officially have the degree in hand…

But yeah. I successfully completed a college degree in four years. So go me 😀

I accidentally got an extra shot in my mocha (hey, it was free) so I’m completely wired right now…I’m going to go find something productive to do like cleaning and packing before I start rambling now.

Tonight I’m headed south to the Peninsula for my baby sister’s high school graduation. I fully intend to unabashedly cry my eyes out tomorrow night, so you can probably expect some sort of sappy reflective post about how time flies and how I have no idea where it all went and how one of my dreams is getting very, very close to being a reality blah blah blah by the end of the weekend.

…unless I manage to restrain myself. We’ll see. I might just end up writing a post about being unemployed instead.

Currently Listening To: Arctic Monkeys – “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair”


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