Road Trip Wednesday: Villains

This week’s question…
Who are your favorite literary villains/antagonists, and why?

I’m really partial to Dracula. He’s so sinister, and enigmatic, and I could totally imagine people being drawn to him. Not to mention the fact that I made the mistake of reading it late at night, so I got super creeped out and might have even had a nightmare about him.

To which I say, well played, Bram Stoker. It really takes a lot for me to be thinking about the villains even when I’m not reading, but you really managed to pull it off.

To this day, Dracula remains one of my favorite books ever, almost solely because of Dracula.


8 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday: Villains”

  1. I guess it's time for me to confess that I never actually read Dracula. But I'm a huge scaredy-cat who still sleeps with no less than 3 nightlights so I have an excuse, right?

  2. THIRD SARAH IN A ROW. We win everything."Well played, Bram Stoker" I LOLed at this! Well done indeed, Bram! Dracula is absolutely a fantastic villain, and pretty much sets the standard for creeptastic ghoulies.

  3. Can you believe I've never read Dracula? I'm embarrassed for myself! I like my books dark and creepy though, so I'll definitely have to pick it up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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