Running Back & Forth

So one thing that’s occasionally frustrating is the lack of communication between the two academic departments that I’m trying to fulfill requirements for. Which wouldn’t be an issue for a lot of people, except I sort of need to have fulfilled all of my Social Studies requirements in order to fulfill all of my Secondary Education requirements, which in this case could make a lack of communication bad…

In this case, the set of requirements I’m being held to for my History/Social Studies degree is slightly different now than the requirements I’m being held to since I declared the major all the way back in 2008. When I sat down with my history advisor he told me I was good to go. When I went and talked to the certification officer to do an evaluation for my other endorsement…

Well. Apparently I’m good to go, degree-wise. But since they’ve changed the certification requirements, I’m short one African history class.

So after allowing me a second to panic I was told that, upon reviewing my academic history further, they’ve decided that the credits from my AP World History class in high school make an acceptable substitute for my second African history class.

Fortunately this isn’t something completely horrifying that will set me back another year (since I’d have to wait until August 2012 to start my student teaching if I don’t start in January); It’d just be a matter of rearranging my schedule again to fit in that requirement. But still…it would be nice to have known ahead of time so I could’ve planned for that class ahead of time. What with all the budget cuts (to the humanities especially!), it’s getting harder and harder to get into classes.

On the plus side, this means I now have another stack of paperwork ready to turn in. I just have to take care of my degree application and then I’ll be done with all of it…at least until they spring more on me. I foresee a lot of paperwork in my future.

In other news, I’m working on Shards of Memory again. I’ll probably post an actual update on that soon.

Sorry my first actual update in awhile was me complaining about school. Again. As an apology, here’s a cute cat picture:


3 thoughts on “Running Back & Forth”

  1. Aww, cute pic! I hope the communication between your two departments gets worked out.In the meantime, I'm here to present you with the Liebster Blog Award for your awesome blog. Details about it are on my blog. Congrats and enjoy!

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