RTW: Time to Write!

This week’s topic is…
What time do you prefer to do your writing? Early Worm? Night Owl ? Any five seconds you can grab?

I don’t really have a set time that I write. I pretty much just write in any spare minutes I can grab. Usually when I’m supposed to be doing homework.

That being said, though, I definitely do most of my writing in the afternoon/evening or at night. I’m not really a morning person and it takes me awhile to get going. So if I try to write first thing in the morning, it mostly just ends in me staring stupidly at my Word doc and not really getting anything done.

What about all of you? When do you get most of your writing done?

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8 thoughts on “RTW: Time to Write!”

  1. It's so funny to hear from people who like to write in the morning ("when my mind is clear") versus those that prefer the afternoon ("once my brain is up and running.") I can definitely see the advantages to both!And fist bump of solidarity on writing when we really should be doing other things… LOL

  2. I've found that I become less and less motivated as the day goes on. By the end of the day I'm usually too tired to do anything productive. Write? What do you mean I have to write? I also like to write when I should be doing something else, though. Funny how motivation comes when you don't want it and disappears when you do…

  3. Bahaha, I know exactly what you mean about opening a Word doc in the morning and just staring at it. So many times I've done that. In the morning I'll be like, "Yeah! Free day! Gonna spend it writing!" And then by afternoon I realize I've spend the day with a blank page and hours and hours of Doctor Who reruns.

  4. It definitely helps to write when I should be doing other things, like what you said about homework. I'm definitely a sneak it in while I can writer, but my writing seems to be stronger on the rare mornings that I have the time to go straight to writing while I'm still getting caffeinated.

  5. I know whatcha mean, fellow college student/teacher candidate. Writing what you want to write is so much more fun that writing those pesky papers on Class Stuff. Although, for some reason, it's also harder…also, my word verification is 'undje' and the significance is that it's funny. If you say it a few times, you'll get what I mean. Possibly.

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