In which I see the inside of a kitchen.

Things are pretty slow for me now that the whole moving business is over. My roommate and I turned in the keys for our old apartment on Sunday and then gleefully celebrated by going out for martinis. Because we are so, so happy to be free of that place.

Mostly I’ve been reading. In the past week I’ve made it through Across the Universe, The Lost Saint, and a book about the Medici, plus I’m like halfway through Prophecy of the Sisters right now. (SO GOOD.)

One of my friends came over yesterday and we seriously sat at my dining room table for like four hours just drinking tea and gossiping, and it was awesome. We’d actually had plans to bake scones or cookies or something, but sort of forgot about that because we were having way too much fun.

I’ve also been experimenting a little bit in the kitchen. Which has left my roommate a little confused because I’m not really known for my cooking prowess (I’m generally too lazy to wait for my food to be ready – hello, ramen!), but boredom has led to desperate measures, my friends.

So yesterday afternoon I made scones, and they actually turned out being really, really delicious, and I really, really want to make more now. I don’t have any dried cherries left over, but I know we have a ton of chocolate chips, so I’m thinking of trying that.

My totally delicious cherry almond scones. Aww, yeah.

Then for dinner tonight I decided to try out this ridiculously easy recipe for garlic chicken, which I didn’t take a picture of because I was super hungry and ate it all, along with some raw spinach on the side. And it was similarly delicious.

I discovered during our move that we somehow ended up with four jars of peanut butter and a ton of oatmeal, so I might try to make those no-bake cookies I last attempted when I was 14 and ended disastrously.

My sister also told me how to do twice-baked potatoes, which are seriously one of the most amazing things ever.

So this whole cooking thing? Actually sort of fun. I’m just usually too lazy to do it because I feel like I have better things to do than stand around waiting for my chicken to saute, or whatever. But since I still have an entire month of freedom left, I might as well keep experimenting!


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