Road Trip Wednesday: Writer’s Block

This week’s topic is…
How do you beat writer’s block?

Hmm. Things I do to beat writer’s block…

Well. Usually the first thing I do is turn on some GaGa or Ke$ha and dance.

As you can see, I am an excellent dancer.

Sometimes I’ll put my iPod on shuffle and sing along dramatically to random songs that come on.

Or I’ll leave my writing cave (read: bedroom) altogether and venture into the kitchen for another cup (read: pot) of coffee.

I also spend a lot of time looking at pictures of cute animals.

And because I’m practical like that, my mind will invariably turn to perfecting my zombie apocalypse survival plan.

But if all else fails, I usually just kill a character.

What about all of you? How do you beat writer’s block?

Currently Listening To: Owl City – “Fireflies”


7 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday: Writer’s Block”

  1. You are indeed an amazing dancer, Carlton!Ummm, I love pictures of baby animals too. Which is why I subscribe to the RSS feed of The Daily Squee (.com?). It's my guilty secret.

  2. I'm doing well! I have one more quarter of school before I start my student teaching, and then I'll be done with everything in June. (Which is sort of a scary thought…haha.) How are you?

  3. That's awesome! Congrats on approaching the end of school.I'm doing pretty well, myself. I've been writing like crazy lately– the first time I can say that in a long time, so that feels good.Let's keep in touch. =)

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