Road Trip Wednesday: Best Books of August

Well, guys, I apologize for the double posting, but since it’s that time of the week again, there’s no way I’m missing out. So, without further ado, here is this week’s Road Trip Wednesday.

This week’s topic is…
What’s the best book you’ve read in August?

I sort of lost track of all the books I’ve read this month, so I had to consult my handy-dandy planner, where I write all of these things down, to find that I read 10 books this month. (Given the fact that this month doubled the number of books I’d read for the entire year, I found this piece of information very exciting.)

And most of them were really good, but I managed to narrow it down to my top three. In no particular order:

I was hooked from the first page. I mean, seriously, what else have you read that combines a murder mystery, science fiction, and a dystopian, all in the same book? At least, none of the things I’ve read had. And it was totally awesome.

When I read A Great and Terrible Beauty I got hooked on the whole historical fiction/fantasy thing, and I’ve been looking for another good one ever since. Prophecy of the Sisters didn’t disappoint, and it was so good I immediately went and checked out the next book, Guardian of the Gate from the library. Guess what I’ll be reading on the train ride to my parents’ house this weekend?

I wasn’t quite sure what to think going into this because of the whole all-the-characters-are-29-now thing, but I ended up loving it and I ended up reading the last 200 pages in one sitting last night, forgetting to eat in the process. I might be going back and rereading the rest of the series now… Anyway, guys, what did all of you read in August? Anything really good I need to read right now? Currently Listening To: Keith Urban – “Long Hot Summer”


4 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday: Best Books of August”

  1. Haha I second Alison. I read all of Sisterhood Everlasting in one sitting, and sobbed uncontrollably through everything after page 50. Not all the tears were sad ones though. 🙂 Across the Universe is still sitting in my TBR pile. I should move it up…Also, hi! I'm a new follower, and have decided I already love your blog. 🙂

  2. Across the Universe is an amazing, amazing book! So looking forward to the sequel, which I think comes out in January. Prophecy of the Sisters sounds intriguing. I've been seeing a bit about that one lately.

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