And Then Life Happened

On Archaeology

Hey everyone! I’m at my parents’ house for the week, so I may not be around so much. There is a lot of running around and doing of things, and when I’m not doing that my mom has asked (very, very politely) that I finally clean out my old room. Which is a totally weird experience, because the things left in there – aside from my books and my snowman collection (yes, I collect snowmen…totally random haha) – are basically relics from high school.

Visiting my family is always a test of my verbal agility. I’m a very snarky person, and my entire family is the same way. We’re all so mean to each other…but only because we care. =)

I was given a couple of awards, so I’ll post about those later and pass those on. Thanks, Kris and Lora!

And now I’m going to go return to my archaeological dig…

1 thought on “On Archaeology”

  1. I've moved last weekend, and it really felt like an archaeological dig… Finding my old stuff and deciding what to do with them conjures up such a mix of feelings: nostalgia, regrets, pride, disappointment… It's even a little too much. Too emotional.

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