Road Trip Wednesday

Road Trip Wednesday: Over and over again

 This week’s topic is…
What themes, settings, motifs, scenes, or other elements do you find recurring in your work?
I think Number One would be MCs who are unsure of themselves at the start but who gain confidence as the story progresses. I think this is probably because I know how this feels and so I’m just writing what I know. (Even Calanthe, the MC in my current WIP, has this whole snarky exterior, but that’s only because she’s trying to hide her insecurities and all that. Which I think only really comes across because I decided to write it in first person, as opposed to third person, which is what it was originally.)
I also use a lot of sarcasm. I am a very sarcastic person. Sarcasm, not English, is my native tongue. I realized during my undergrad while I was spending all that time writing history papers that I had little bits of sarcasm sneaking into those papers. Totally unintentional. It’s pretty much impossible for me to do anything without sarcasm.
This isn’t so much a thing in my current WIP, but I’ve had a huge focus on nature in other things I’ve written. There is a very good reason for this.
The last thing that really recurs in my work is a historical feel. I write fantasy, but I’ve had people tell me that my stories – this one in particular – read a lot like historical novels. For my current WIP, I blended together Victorian society with Florentine politics and medieval European religion (does the word Catharism mean anything to anyone besides me?), and in Book 2 I’m contemplating throwing in an inquisition, just for giggles. It’s so nice that I can use my degree for something besides planning people’s demises while I’m sitting in the dentist chair with ten different instruments shoved in my mouth.
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Currently Reading: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Between Two Queens by Kate Emerson


11 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday: Over and over again”

  1. I feel like I rarely make a sarcastic MC, but one or more of the secondary characters is ALWAYS sarcastic. I need some sort of outlet, or I'll die. >.<I find it very hard to write historical settings, so kudos for being able to! I always either have to do present-day or futuristic.

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