Friday Five

Friday Five: Time for more coffee.

1. There are some awesome things about living downtown. The main awesome thing is that we’re close to pretty much everything: coffee shops, the library, food, more coffee shops…
A not so awesome thing is that it’s loud since so many people walk by here. I’ve routinely been woken up on the weekends by drunk people deciding they need to hang out under my window and have loud conversations, and now that all of the college students are coming back into town it’s just going to get worse. I got used to it at my old apartment (which was on another street that is frequented by drunk college students on the weekends) and hopefully I’ll get used to it again soon, what with the whole having to be responsible thing.
2. There is a building behind our apartment building that’s been under construction for a couple months, so we’ve gotten used to hearing that going on. Which usually isn’t a big deal. Except this morning when my roommate and I were woken up at 4 because the construction company decided they needed to do a cement pour. So I spent my morning listening to NPR while I tried to fall back asleep…it didn’t work.
3. I was walking home from buying textbooks (*cries*) and passed the dorms, which had groups of freshmen outside with their parents, moving in. It made me feel old, especially when I realized my dear little baby sister (who will be 19 next week and hates me calling her that) will be standing in a group a lot like that with our parents when she moves into the dorms next week for her freshman year.
4. I got my diploma in the mail! It exists, guys!

5. I downloaded Lady Antebellum’s new album on Tuesday and have listened to it a few times, and I’m totally obsessed with it. For those of you unfamiliar with them, I provide this video, which is off of their second album:
Random picture of the week:
And that’s all for this Friday. Have an awesome weekend, everyone!
Currently Listening To: Boys Like Girls – “Love Drunk”

Currently Reading: Guardian of the Gate by Michelle Zink


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