Friday Five

Friday Five: Back In Business

1. I’ve basically been running around like a crazy person all week. Which is really hard to do when I’m still not used to this whole getting up at 6am business so I’m really, really tired no matter how much coffee I consume. Speaking of which, it might be time for more.
2. I spent Monday and Tuesday at the university’s annual Info Fair. Basically what it is is a giant carnival-type thing where students can go to get information about different clubs, activities, programs, and whatever on campus. Most of the clubs on campus are there manning their own booths, and there is also a lot of free food and prizes (because we’re in college and, as many of you know, FREE STUFF is pretty much a guarantee to get college students to do ANYTHING). I was there helping to (wo)man the Harry Potter Club table, basically talking to people, explaining what we do, trying to convince them to sign up for our email list, etc.
3. Speaking of Harry Potter Club, we had like 130 people show up to our first meeting. (Granted, most of them probably won’t come back, but still. THAT IS INSANE.) About 97% of these people were freshmen. I turned to my friend sitting next to me, who is the only other Fifth Year in Club, and we immediately started laughing because OMG WE’RE SO OLD.
4. I can’t really say too much about my practicum. There are students involved, so there are a lot of confidentially things to be concerned with. So, I am going to leave it off with: I’m totally excited for this quarter, guys, seriously.
5. I am decidedly less enthused for my art history class, which I’m actually only taking because I needed more credits in order to be considered a full time student blah blah blah. I haven’t taken a huge lecture class in a few years, and it was especially jarring yesterday considering my other class right before that one was my methods class, which only has like 15 people in it, and I know most of them. Then there’s the fact that my professor, in attempting to explain the Black Death, said, “there was a terrible plague in the 1300s that was carried by rats.” Which should probably tell you that my hopes for this class shouldn’t be terribly high.*
Random Picture of the Week:
This has been me basically every single morning so far this quarter.
And now I have to go return a book to the library and then try to get some of my English reading done before I go to work. Have a great weekend, everyone!
Currently Listening To: Josh Ritter – “Long Shadows”
Currently Reading: Paper Towns by John Green

4 thoughts on “Friday Five: Back In Business”

  1. I hear you on the big lecture class! I took Physical Science 100 my last (9th) semester of undergrad. Huge mistake leaving it to the end! I never went to lecture because I hated being in a big lecture class, after all of my cozy linguistics and language classes. My grade–and graduation!–hinged solely on my final, which I was lucky enough to pass. I can't believe I took such a big risk!Good luck! Every morning I'm a toasty cinnamon bun of my. entire. life. ๐Ÿ™‚

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