Fire, NaNoWriMo

NaNo & my art history class

I’m taking an art history class this quarter. Not because I need to, but because I just needed more credits in order to maintain my status as a full-time student. So I signed up for an art history class covering Western Europe during the Renaissance, thinking it would be really interesting and cool to get another perspective on some of the things I studied during my undergrad.
The content of the course is interesting. Going to lecture, not so much. The class is a 200-level large lecture class, for starters, which is totally painful by itself when I’m used to small seminar-style and small lecture classes. It’s also really hard to sit there when my professor is spending 20-30 minutes (of an 80 minute class) going over how to take notes and how to use the book. Which is great for the freshmen in there, but for someone who’s been in college for four and a half years…not so much. And then, to make things even better, none of the content of the lecture is new to me, since I read it all in the book last night.
So after skipping the lecture on Tuesday, I spent a good portion of the lecture on Thursday with not just the Google doc with my lecture notes in it open – I opened a new one in another tab and started jotting down ideas for NaNo. And by the end of the lecture, I had an entire plot worked out. (I still need to get other things pinned down, like the name of my MC, Haylee’s, love interest. Because I don’t want to spend the entire month of November referring to the poor guy as Hot Guy. Even though that would probably increase my word count.)
I’ve decided I’m going to write a dystopian, which is a genre that I read a lot, but haven’t actually tried writing myself. I’m excited about it.
I have an entire folder on my computer that is made entirely of NaNovels in varying stages of completion. They’re all good ideas, and ideas I really want to return to and try to do something with at some point. I haven’t completed NaNo since 2007, but I still keep doing it because I’ve got a competitive streak in me, and because it’s a good way to try to force myself to just sit in the chair and write the thing. I didn’t even break 5k last year because I was writing my senior paper for the history department during November, so I really have nowhere to go but up this year =)
Anyone else doing NaNo? I know I’m not the only masochist out there =)

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4 thoughts on “NaNo & my art history class”

  1. I spend most of my 90 minute Philosophy class plotting, too. >.< And I'm definitely doing NaNo this year, I just have to decide which story I want to work on. I did it last year, too, but I swear it just about killed me.

  2. Yep. I did it last year and wrote a dystopian novel. Finished, too, but I'm not so sure I will this year since I'm working lots of overtime these days. Either way, Nanowrimo is too fun to ignore! Good luck with your writing and way to be a plotter.

  3. So, my current plan is not to do NaNo. Because my thesis is due November 14th and also, I'm flying out to help my brother and his wife with baby #3 (who is due in a few weeks). Well, I'll mostly be helping with Boys #1 and #2, so my sister-in-law can take of Baby #3. Anywho! I wasn't lamenting not being able to do NaNO until reading your post. Now I really want to. I wonder if I could swing it. Or maybe I could have my own NaNo in December? So it could be NaNoWriMo(Dec). Doesn't have the same ring to it, but maybe…

  4. Every time I resolve not to do NaNo (which happened in 2009 & 2010 because I got into my major and all that) I always end up getting sucked into it because it's just too tempting for my competitive streak to ignore. Even if I always end up failing epically. (Last year I was writing my senior thesis for the history department during NaNo. I didn't even break 5k…it was sad.) This year, though, I'm all in!Kris, we can work on trying to come up with something more catchy for your December NaNo =)

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