Road Trip Wednesday

Road Trip Wednesday: A Winding Road

What has your writing road trip looked like so far? Excitement? Traffic jams and detours? Where are you going next?


I think this picture probably summarizes my road trip so far:

I’m not sure how easy that is to see, but the road goes on and on and on, zigzagging and winding all along the coast. It’s a pretty slow way to go, and you can’t be in a huge hurry – people take this road so they can see things. And even though it might take awhile, you always get to wherever you’re going eventually.
…and that’s assuming you really have a specific endpoint in mind.
That’s what my writing road trip has been like so far. I know what my end point is (or what I would like it to be) but I’m not in a super huge hurry to get there. I’m taking my time, stopping to see things. I’m young, and there’s a whole world outside my window, and it would be pretty silly of me to not go out and experience that world.
Eventually I’ll get to where I’m trying to go. But for now I’m just trying to enjoy the journey.
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6 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday: A Winding Road”

  1. "I know what my end point is (or what I would like it to be) but I'm not in a super huge hurry to get there. I'm taking my time, stopping to see things." — That's an awesome way to look at it. Sometimes I think I need to slow down and make myself remember this.

  2. As I read your post, I started thinking–is there really ever an "end point" for a writer, other than death? After all, when one novel is written, another is hot on its heels. And then there's getting an agent and publication–but each novel has it's own story and journey. I don't know that we ever really "arrive." We may reach certain milestones, but perhaps the road going off into the distance seemingly without end is a good picture. I would hate to think there was nowhere else to go after my novel gets published.Good post, Stephanie! May you continue to enjoy the ride. šŸ™‚

  3. Loved this. (And not just because the scenery in your picture reminded me way too much of what I miss about the west coast).What you said could be true about more than just writing– but it's a very good message for those that tend to get hung up on the end result, and miss out on the importance of the journey.

  4. Patience is a virtue, and when it comes to writing, I've found it to be especially true. I can't force things to happen ahead of their time. Like you said, it's about enjoying the journey.

  5. This sounds a lot like me! :DI used to feel insecure about not being able to finish a novel, but for the past few years I've completely stopped feeling disappointed or sorry for myself. I am simply too happy! And I am still young. I don't think publishing a book could make me half so happy as living the rest of my life does, plus I've still got a whole lifetime to publish tons of novels!So, yes: enjoy the view. When it happens (being published, or whatever can be said to be your step 1 goal), it's only going to be that much better.Thanks for the optimistic touch! It's always needed.

  6. You've got a good perspective! Sometimes I get so impatient, and feel so hurried, that it sends me into panic. But that's silly, because there will always be books. Thanks for the reminder!

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