Friday Five

Friday Five: procrastination edition

1. Like many people of the internet, I’ve been busily typing away at my NaNo. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it so far, but that’s probably because it’s only Day 4 so I haven’t grown to hate my SNI/myself and/or wonder why I’m doing this to myself. Plus, after reading so much dystopian this past year, it’s been really fun playing around with that…even if I’m using words like “orangey” to describe flames and many, many of my sentences are completely incomprehensible. But I have a good feeling that this story is one that I’m going to return to, so that’s an exciting idea.
Also, I finally have a title: FIRE. Which isn’t even all that creative, but at least it’s a working title! 😀
2. Obviously, all this NaNo-ing means I’ve put my dear, beloved Shards of Memory on the back burner for a few weeks. However, I did realize that, with only about 18-19k left to write in this draft, if I can keep the momentum going – I’m going to finish this thing very, very soon. (Taking a second to freak out…freaking out…DONE.) I’m walking at graduation on December 10, will probably spend the next month studying all of the language arts things I’m supposed to know for my middle level humanities WEST-E on January 7, and then I don’t start student teaching until the end of January. My goal is to have my current draft of Shards done by the time I start. And then after that…start on the next book.
3. In addition to NaNo, I’ve got everything in the universe EVAR to get done for school this month. I’ve still got one lesson plan to plan and teach/videotape for my practicum and then reflect on; a GIANT PORTFOLIO of STUFF to put together for my methods/practicum block, displaying my impact on student learning; a thing that’s not technically a unit plan but is basically a unit plan of writing activities, leading up to the “goal assignment” of having hypothetical 7th graders write a short story, for my English class; maintaining my passing grade in my art history class; and running around trying to get various things taken care of for my student teaching. And then, you know, working all weekend so I have a place to sleep and food to eat, helping Harry Potter Club plan our annual Yule Ball, trying (and failing) to maintain some semblance of a social life…
4. Things that are depressing: this morning’s lecture in my English class. We talked about “teaching to the test,” which basically resulted in my professor telling us a specific structure that we probably want to force students to use when they write persuasive and expository essays so they can pass their tests. For someone who will most likely be, in my professor’s words, “that touchy-feely hippie teacher who wants their students to be creative,” it was hard to sit through. Those poor children are only going to learn to hate writing if we teach them like that =(
5. I’m totally obsessed with that new show, Revenge. I watched all of the episodes when I was dying of plague a couple weeks ago, and now I don’t know what to do with my life since it’s not on this coming Wednesday. What, you mean I’ll actually have to go to bed on time? Madness!
Have a good weekend, everyone!

Current Word Count:

6458 / 50000 words. 13% done!


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