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Breaking it down & Music Monday #8

A couple things here for your Monday morning/afternoon/evening. I’m going to try to make this quick because right now I’m being that jerk who’s using school computers for non-school related things…and I complain about those people constantly =) (However, I also have time to kill and don’t feel like doing homework anymore, so there.)

For my English class I’m supposed to be writing a sequence of writing activities for hypothetical 7th graders wherein I teach them specific skills that will help them with the end assignment, which will be to write a short story. I was trying to make a list of all of the different skills needed to write a short story…and I realized that I have absolutely no idea.

Which sounds sort of weird, because I spend so much of my time writing stories. I know how to write a story. But at the same time, it’s so much a part of me – like, probably not even second nature, but even more than that – that I’m having a hard time breaking the process into discrete parts – it’s just something I know. And I don’t think I ever even really was taught how to do it; I just sat down and started writing, and went from there.

So far my list includes: plot (broken down even further into conflict, structure, etc.), characters (motivation, conflict), setting, description (showing vs. telling, figurative language, word choice, etc.). dialogue…I’ll probably be spending my weekend with my old creative writing textbooks and any curriculum guides and/or lesson plans I can find on the internet. Anything else that needs to be included on my list?

Anyway, on to the music part of this post. I really, really love Keith Urban. Therefore, I will give you not just one song, but two this week. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Breaking it down & Music Monday #8”

  1. Good luck! Be sure to tell us how it goes.I wish I could take a break from teaching the ABC's to talk about plot devices and the Hero's Journey. I totally envy you. =D

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