Friday Five

Friday Five: oh hey there, November

1. I woke up this morning to discover that it is, in fact, November. After about a week and a half of nice – if cold – weather, I woke up to find that I couldn’t even see out of my bedroom window since it was plastered over with so much rain. It calmed down a bit right as I left my apartment to go to one of my favorite coffee shops for a write-in, and in the three hours I sat there I observed the brief appearance of some blue sky, some more rain, incredible amounts of wind that stripped the trees of every single one of their remaining leaves, a little more blue sky, rain, hail, and then some more rain. You can never say that the weather around here this time of the year is boring.
2. I heard a beautiful duet this morning, by Kate Voegele and Parachute, who are touring together right now. (I’d love to be able to go see them. But alas, I am broke.) Here it is; I definitely think it’s worth a listen:
3. I realized today that my NaNo is probably going to be way longer than 50,000 words. Which is exciting that I love this idea enough that words are just springing from my fingertips, but at the same time it’s sort of scary to think about because now I have two novels to finish instead of just one…oops, haha. I guess I won’t be bored over my awkwardly long winter break!
4. I also realized this week that graduation is in a month. (A month from yesterday, actually.) I have an incredible amount of work to get done between now and then. I’m just going to go find a sandbox and stick my head in it now.
5. So, apparently part of this whole growing up thing involves making important decisions about my future. For example, at some point before June, I have to decide what I’m going to do with my life – am I going to stay up here and try to find a survival job to help pay the bills while I substitute teach until I can get a full-time job? Do I move back in with my parents and try to substitute teach down there? Do I scour the country looking for teaching jobs, which would potentially involve leaving the state? Do I leave the country and teach overseas for a few years until jobs start opening up back home?
I’m going to be honest. I’m just ignoring that whole aspect of it at the moment. At the moment, the decision I have to make is where to student teach. I met with one teacher already, and now I have to decide if that is where I want to be. I have a feeling I already know what the right decision is; I just need to actually take that next step and make it. Which is sort of a terrifying feeling because this is the biggest decision I’ve ever had to make.
So, um, that’s going on. I mean, it’s not as bad as I just made it sound; I’m excited that I have all of these possibilities open to explore…even if the reality of living in a box I always joked about when I was a kid is actually drawing closer and closer. That’s the price I get to pay for choosing majors I like, I guess.
Anyway, I didn’t mean for this to get so philosophical and long, so now here’s a word count update!

17000 / 50000 words. 34% done!

Remember me mentioning sitting for three hours watching the weather? I also wrote 4000 words in that time. My history degree is serving me well once again.

Currently Listening To: Parachute feat. Kate Voegele – “Kiss Me Slowly”
Currently Reading: Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan


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