Friday Five

Friday Five: let it snow?

1. I’m pretty sure you’d have to be living under a rock in order to not know that Breaking Dawn came out last night. I feel like I’m one of the few people not seeing it. I think this review from NPR does a good job summing up why.

2. There was a chance of snow in our area today, so of course the news went completely crazy with it, basically acting like it’s the end of the world because our usual precipitation will be – gasp frozen. So when I woke up this morning to find it was gray and cloudy and cold, and that the streets weren’t covered with even a dusting of white, I was disappointed. I guess there will be other chances for snow…

3. I’m woefully behind on NaNo. I’ve finally started my two major final assignments that are due during finals week, but I’m not nearly as far into either of them as I would like to be. And did I mention that I’m going home Tuesday night? I’ll be visiting my family for five days over the Thanksgiving weekend. Fortunately, I’m well practiced with the whole typing while watching football and exchanging snarky remarks with my family thing…bring it, Thanksgiving!

4. I feel like this whole waiting to find out where I’m student teaching thing is giving me good practice for my writing career in the future. It’s a whole lot of waiting. The placement I mentioned last week didn’t work out, so now I’m waiting to hear back from a different school. The only thing to do is to just keep going about my business, writing my NaNo and doing my homework and all that stuff, because checking my email obsessively isn’t going to make any difference.

The friends I talked to were more disappointed than I was, I think. The way I see it, everything happens for a reason. This is probably the universe’s way of telling me this wasn’t where I needed to be.

5. Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t come back until January? My Thursday nights are going to be so empty and meaningless without all the drama to suck me in and all the geographical inaccuracies to poke fun at.

Currently Listening To: Taylor Swift – “Superman”
Currently Reading: Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan


5 thoughts on “Friday Five: let it snow?”

  1. Thanks so much for the link to the review. I just nearly died of laughter. I feel the same way, but my sister and my boss are both Team Edward, so I can't vent. Oh well. Anyway, too bad about the snow? Thankfully, it's not snowing down here. That would be a tad surreal. 😀

  2. Obsessively checking email doesn't help? WHAT?? I could've sworn it did … good luck on your NaNo progress during your vacation. And with student teaching. I agree with you about what the universe is trying to tell you. ^_^

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