Friday Five

Friday Five: mmm, leftovers

1. I don’t ever, ever go out to shop on Black Friday. Instead, I slept in this morning until 8:30, which is later than I’ve slept in in months, and now I’m watching A Christmas Carol, and will probably spend my afternoon listening to all my holiday music now that I’ve loaded it all back onto my iPod. My sister went, though, “just for the experience.” And, according to Facebook, was able to get out of the mall without killing anyone, which is way more than I’d be able to do. For those of you who do do Black Friday…why would you ever want to be at the mall ridiculously early in the morning, fighting hordes of people, probably with the remnants of your dinner still floating around? I don’t know. I’m an introvert, so maybe it’s just not my thing. I mean, I love sales (just ask Victoria’s Secret’s website…), but not that much.

2. I’m debating eating pie for breakfast. Apple pie has fruit in it, right?

3. I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to win NaNo this year…again. I’m still going to see how far I can get, though; I’m sitting just shy of 25k right now. That’s still 25k words I wouldn’t have written otherwise, and I’ve got an idea I’m totally in love with, so I’m actually going to finish this one instead of letting it sit in a neglected folder on my computer like my other unfinished NaNos. I’m really excited about that.

4. My brother handed me Inheritance, the last book in that series, and said, “Here, read this!” I’m trying, but the language keeps turning me off. (It’s way more flowery than it needs to be…) Plus, the other book I’m reading, Alison Weir’s latest about Mary Boleyn, keeps debating such things as whether or not Henry VIII had ED like a lot of historians claim. I think you all know which book is going to win here.

5. It’s Dead Week when I get back to school this week. I think the university did this last year, too, and it’s totally rude because here we all were, on a nice, long break from school, and then BAM, it’s time to run around and finish ALL THE THINGS because the end of the quarter is looming. *pulls out hair*

In other news, this is also my last week of college classes ever. That’s a totally surreal feeling.

And now I have witches to go burn. I hope all of you who celebrated had a good Thanksgiving!

Currently Reading: Mary Boleyn: The Mistress of Kings by Alison Weir


2 thoughts on “Friday Five: mmm, leftovers”

  1. Apple pie is totally fine for breakfast. I had chocolate chip poundcake for breakfast on Friday, so you definitely went more healthy than me.Good luck next week finishing all the things!

  2. I hear ya. After about 15800 words or so, I finally realised what I wanted to be doing with the story, and that was vastly different to what I was actually doing, so I kind of stopped. Now, I'm just trying to make an actual plan for the plot, which I hadn't done before I started, and decide on characters and story arcs and so on, and THEN I'll write about it. So no more NaNo for me this year, but that's fine. I'd rather write something I can work on afterwards than write 50k worth of fluff that would need a complete re-write to even be legible.Good luck with last week of college! 🙂

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