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Review: Inheritance

Inheritance (Inheritance, #4)Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My feelings about this one are sort of mixed. The first half was really hard to get through, because it was so slow, and I felt like I was sort of just waiting to get to the point. Also, I’ve found Eragon really annoying for the past couple books, so there was that in play, also.

But about halfway through the book, I was finally hooked in as things finally started happening, and by the time we finally got to the Final Battle – you know, the one we’ve been waiting for since book one? – I couldn’t put the thing down. Paolini did such a good job building suspense during that back half of the book, and there were times when I was ready to throw the book at the wall if something happened that I didn’t like, because I was so invested in so many of the characters.

I was really sad to read the last page, because despite the love/hate relationship I’ve had with this series, I’ve been reading it since high school, and I felt like a journey was at an end. I mean, I was even sad to see Eragon go – he experienced a lot of growth in that last part of the book.

I definitely feel like the book could’ve been a lot shorter, and it was hard to make it through the first part, but I ultimately ended up loving it and I feel like it was a good conclusion.

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