Shards of Memory

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Last night, I hit 33k on SHARDS, or about 17k from the end. Given the fact that I was able to get in 31k for NaNo this year, even while trying to do ALL THE THINGS, I figured I could manage 17k in the month and a half before I start student teaching. And so, I set myself a deadline.

FEBRUARY 1, 2012.

That, everyone, is my deadline for finally having this draft of SHARDS finished, at which point I’ll let it sit while I finish FIRE, before I go back to it and rip the thing to pieces.

I have put this on the internet in big, bold, red letters. Now let it be so.

Currently Listening To: Maroon 5 – “Sunday Morning”
Currently Reading: For the King by Catherine Delors


3 thoughts on “Light at the end of the tunnel.”

  1. You can do it! That's my goal to finish SPARKS as well. Although I've only got 12k words done and I'm hoping to hit around 60k, but January should be a quiet month for me.Merry Christmas!

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