And Then Life Happened

Winter Break

I’ve been at home all week, so I haven’t been doing much writing. (It’s sort of hard when I’m around people who actually expect me to, like, spend time with them, and stuff? What’s that about?) Anyway, I’ve been trying to get it in here and there when I can, so I’ve written a few pages this week. I’m going back to Bellingham early next week, but a friend of mine is visiting until right around New Year’s, and then after he leaves I’ll be brushing up on linguistics and literacy stuff for the WEST-E on the 7th…so I have a feeling most of the rest of SHARDS is going to be written in the three weeks after that.

Anyway, I’ve been doing all the usual winter break type things. I’ve been reading (and I hit my goal of 50 for 2011 today!), and I’ve been on a dystopia kick this week while I’ve been home, having moved on from the French history kick I was on last week. I’ve been trying to catch up on various TV shows – I’m about a month behind on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, I have a couple episodes each of Glee and Revenge, I’ve got one episode each left of Ringer and Once Upon a Time, and I just caught up on Pan Am today. (I probably watch too many TV shows. This is what the internet is for.) I like Pan Am, but I think it’s mostly for Ted and Collette, who are the most interesting characters on the show…although Maggie is delightfully feisty.

Anyway…my life hasn’t been terribly exciting the past couple weeks. I’m probably just going to go read some more. Happy holidays, everyone!

Currently Watching: Toy Story 3
Currently Reading: Wither by Lauren DeStefano


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