Friday Five

Friday Five: last one of 2011

Where did the year go?

*looks under rocks*

*peers under bed*

*sighs & returns to drinking coffee*

1. Since returning to the glorious Bham a couple days ago, I’ve done…absolutely nothing. Except watch Once Upon A Time (and almost throw things), watch Glee (and squee like a complete moron when Sam came back), and get hopelessly hooked on Outlander, which is probably a terrible idea since I don’t really have time to get into another ridiculously long series. (I still haven’t finished Wheel of Time or A Song of Ice and Fire. Oops.) Oh, and drink lots of coffee. In my pajamas. But that probably goes without saying.

2. I made my New Year’s Resolutions. I started with things like “eat breakfast every day” and “read 55 books,” both of which are good and worthy resolutions, and ones that I’m going to try to stick with (particularly the breakfast one…heh), but then “take a chance” popped into my head, so I wrote that one down, too. Except that’s really, really ambiguous, so I thought about it some more, and what it really means. Basically…my plan is to be querying SHARDS by the end of 2012.

*crawls into bed & pulls covers over head*

Let’s be totally honest. I’ve never let very many people read my writing, except other writers, because they understand. But what if people I actually know – friends, family, etc. – read my stuff someday, and totally hate it, or totally judge me, or whatever?


*realizes she forgot coffee & crawls back out of bed*

3. So. Back to Once Upon a Time. I watched the last episode yesterday afternoon, finally. My emotions did a 180 within the span of about five or ten minutes:

Obviously, the writers hate me.

4. I’ve discovered Pinterest.

I’ve also discovered that this was a terrible idea.

5. …I’ve got nothing. Here. Have a YouTube video:

Currently Listening To: Ellie Goulding – “Your Song”
Currently Reading: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


3 thoughts on “Friday Five: last one of 2011”

  1. Thanks for the video! I was actually humming this the other day. Ah hobbit songs. 🙂 Don't worry about the whole "people I know may read what I write one day and judge me for it" thing. I feel the same way, but in the end, they don't really care. I mean think about it this way: do you question the motives of the authors when you read their books? I don't. We just have to remember that we're all people. Or something like that. Well, it seems like I've used up my quota of Empathy/Helpfulness today. Best of luck with all the other resolutions! (Especially the breakfast one. That is one meal that consistently kicks my butt.)

  2. Ha ha, I approve of your resolutions, and good luck with the query part! It's a really great goal. I wish I felt that confident with whatever I may happen to finish next year.Anyway, happy New Year! 🙂

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