And Then Life Happened

2011 in Pictures

Today I thought I’d put my own spin on the whole 2011 in review thing, and do a 2011 in pictures post. (I failed at carrying around a camera this year, so most of these weren’t taken by me. I think I should add “do better at documenting my life in photographs” thing to my 2012 list, especially since I got a totally adorable little camera for Christmas. Yay, no more cell phone photos!)

This is the year that ALL OF MY FRIENDS got engaged. Aren’t I so HAPPY for them all? (When the first engagement happened, we all went out for beers. When the next 50 happened, I settled for congratulatory phone calls.)

My roommate and I went and saw the Backstreet Boys in July, finally fulfilling my 10-year-old self’s life dream. (And I guess NKOTB were okay, too…)

Yay, graduating!

Harry and the Potters came to Bellingham in June, thanks to the always amazing and wonderful Bellingham Public Library. This was my first time seeing them, and it was awesome. (Also awesome was the fact that the adults in the audience were having way more fun than their children were.)

And, finally, for lack of proper photographic documentation of my year, I will post this word cloud of all my blog posts (because, for some reason, I have this totally ridiculous love of word clouds):

Currently Listening To: Matthew Mayfield – “Fire Escape”
Currently Reading: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


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