And Then Life Happened, Friday Five

Friday Five #13: growing up & stuff

1. On Tuesday morning I woke up around 10 and, after getting my coffee, checked Facebook (because, as embarrassing as this is to admit, that is the first thing I do every morning). I was promptly confused by all the status updates about classes starting…until I realized that there are people who still have to go to those. This was swiftly followed by the realization that I’ve now entered that awkward time between finishing college and starting a career(s). It’ll be a magical time, a time when I flip pancakes on the weekends for minimum wage so I can stay alive while I do the two things I love for free in the hope of eventually being lucky enough to be paid to do them. (Those of you who are still in college, TAKE YOUR TIME. Seriously. Responsibility is LAME.)

2. Last summer, my friend asked me to be in her wedding, and I agreed to it, but then pushed it to the back of my mind because the wedding isn’t until this fall. Except now I have a color for my bridesmaid dress, and now I’m like OMG THIS IS HAPPENING. And earlier in the day, my roommate and I had received a save the date for some close friends’ wedding. And so, basically, I’m like OMG WHY IS EVERYONE SUDDENLY GETTING MARRIED. It feels weird to know that my friends and I are at an age where that’s sort of an acceptable thing now…

*dives into bed & burrows under GIANT PILE of blankets, clutching teddy bear & sucking thumb*

3. Yesterday I acquired two additional bookcases, bringing me another step closer to my life’s ambition of living in a library. Although, by my estimate, I’ll need at least one or two more to accommodate all the books that are still hanging out in the closet in my parents’ guest room. I feel like I’m just going to need to make sure there’s a spare bedroom in my next apartment, just to accommodate all of my books.

4. This week was fun. One of my friends was here for New Year’s, so we basically hung out and watched 90s cartoons on Netflix, and then the day after he left, a couple other friends came up to visit for a couple days. I hadn’t seen the one friend in a year and a half, and the other two since summer, so it was awesome seeing them all again.

5. In the realm of things that aren’t as much fun: trying to acquire work-appropriate clothing for student teaching. Since we were specifically told NO JEANS, and that’s about 90% of my wardrobe (the other 10% being sundresses, which aren’t really seasonally appropriate), I’ve been scouring the clearance racks of various stores, trying to find other things. I mean, on the plus side, I get to go shopping, and I treat clearance rack browsing like it’s a sport, anyway, but on the downside, I’m poor (see item #1), and after awhile I get frustrated by the lack of things in my size. Plus, it’s just not as much fun to buy grownup clothes.

Currently Watching: The Fellowship of the Ring
Currently Reading: Outlanderby Diana Gabaldon


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