And Then Life Happened

Ah, responsibility.

My progress slowed quite a bit this past week, although I still managed to break 40k…something I’ve only ever done once, when I won NaNo with that glorious piece of crap I wrote back in 2007. (I call it a “glorious piece of crap” with all the affection in the world.)

Obviously, I’m not taking classes anymore, but I still have other things going on now that the quarter’s started and winter break is over and all that. My weekend job up at campus started again (hooray, bacon!), I’ve got things to work on for my internship before I officially start later this month (reviewing four sets of state standards, reading up on ancient Egypt since all I’ve got is OMG PYRAMIDS, observing), I had to take the WEST-E for my humanities endorsement last weekend…

Anyway. My life is starting to get busier again. I’m sure that pretty soon, I’m going to be looking back on the boredom of winter break with fondness.

Currently Watching: The Daily Show
Currently Reading: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


1 thought on “Ah, responsibility.”

  1. Boooo on responsibility. During my (final!) residency last week, everyone kept asking me what I was going to do with my degree. I said sleep. And then I get home and NOOOO, no sleep for me. The house is a mess (I kinda forgot what a mess I made before running out the door for the airport, probably screaming and clutching a messy stack of papers to my chest. I'm guessing here; it's a hazy memory) and also, I need a job. Poop.So yes. Poop on responsibility.

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