Friday Five

Friday Five(ish) #14: pleading with the universe

1. I spent most of my undergrad pretending ancient history didn’t exist. I took two ancient history classes because I was required to by the state in order to get my social studies endorsement, but they more or less went in one ear and out the other.

…and now I have to teach ancient history to middle school students. And since I remember virtually nothing from the two classes I took (and one of them won’t even help me because it was just about Rome, and we won’t even be covering Rome), I now get to teach myself enough about ancient Egypt and ancient Greece to be able to competently teach it.

Trying to stay just ahead of the curve is sort of just going to be a fact of life. And I’m aware of that. But please, for the love of all things holy, never, ever let me teach a straight economics class. EVER. Thanks in advance, universe.

2. I’m going to go see John Green on January 30! I wasn’t even sure if I was going to go since it’s a couple hours away and I’ll get back up here super late and then have to be up early in the morning for school, but then I realized that I’m not sure when I’ll have an opportunity like this again, and it’s JOHN GREEN, and I SHOULD JUST GO THAT’S WHY THEY INVENTED COFFEE.

Well. Debate resolved.

3. Outlander update: I love Claire’s voice and I’ve even chuckled in a couple places, but I’m just not sure how I feel about all the near-rape. Like, there’s a couple sections of the book that I’ve read so far where Claire is almost being raped, like, every other scene, and I’m not that comfortable with it. I mean, I get that the Scottish Highlands are supposed to be dangerous and wild, but I feel like there are more effective ways to portray this than multiple near-rape scenes.

Other than that, the book is amazing so far.

4. This is our weather forecast for the next week:

If you need to find me, I’ll probably be curled up in my bed, under my flannel sheets and five blankets.

Currently Reading: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


4 thoughts on “Friday Five(ish) #14: pleading with the universe”

  1. With my luck I'll probably end up teaching Brit Lit for the rest of my life. Am Lit is where I'm comfortable, particularly Southern gothic and Naturalism. I feel your pain. But hey, JOHN GREEN! 😀 On a sidenote, the word verification of the day is "gasms." Sometimes I think Blogger has too much fun with those.

  2. Since finishing my Social Studies major, I've realized how completely screwed I am for teaching middle school since all the things I focused on…aren't the things taught in middle school. (Ancient history? Washington State history? Colonial history? What are THOSE?)It'll be an adventure 😀

  3. Good luck brushing up on ancient history! I've come to realize, through other people's experiences, that that's a big part of teaching — hastily learning the material before you teach it to your students. Keeps you on your toes, right? And way to go on your WIP progress! 40k is nothing to laugh at. Or maybe it is, if that's how your humor rolls.

  4. Yup! And I've also been told that the more you teach the material, the better you learn it yourself, because you have to explain it to other people. (I'm pretty sure no amount of explaining will ever make me good at economics, though. I had to take two classes, and I spent the entire time completely and hopelessly lost.)Thanks!

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