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Review: Freefall

Freefall by Mindi Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I didn’t really have a whole lot of expectations (either good or bad) going into this book; this was one I just happened to see at the library and thought it looked interesting, so why not?

It’s not what I usually read, but I still ended up loving it. I think what initially hooked me in was Seth’s voice – while I was reading, it really felt like I was actually inside his head. As I kept reading, the believability of the rest of the book was what ultimately made me love it, whether it was the progression of Seth and Rosetta’s relationship (which was totally awkward and adorable, by the way), or the phobias Seth and Rosetta both face, or even just all the fears and guilt Seth deals with throughout the book.

Freefall was a little bit darker than some of the other books I’ve read lately, but I think Scott also did a great job putting in some lighter moments, too, and when she did, it didn’t even feel like they were forced; they just seemed completely natural. However, I also think that’s also a testament to the strong characterization.

Freefall was a pleasant surprise. I recommend it if you’re into YA with a little darker edge, or even if you’re just looking for a quick read.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Freefall”

  1. I loved FREEFALL, and I'm super picky about male-narrated POV. I thought Seth's voice was pretty darn perfect, and, like you, I thought his relationship with Rosetta was adorable. Great review, Stephanie!

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