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Review: The Lucky One

The Lucky One
The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the third Nicholas Sparks book I’ve read, and it followed more or less the same formula as the other two (Dear John and The Notebook): guy who is damaged and/or from the wrong side of the tracks meets a sweet, naive, and/or innocent girl (who has men all over her, of course), whereupon they fall swiftly and deeply in love and lessons are learned by both.

This is also the second straight Sparks book I’ve read that features an Iraq veteran. I’d be okay with this if there was a purpose for it outside of, it gives him a wounded past and now he has to overcome it by falling in love. But mostly I felt like he didn’t dig nearly deep enough – it was mostly just a convenient way to define his characters and give them a challenge to overcome, without really digging into how combat might have affected Logan.

If it sounds like I’m longing for a little variety here, that’s because I am. But on the other hand, I’m also such a sucker for stories like this, I still ended up eating it up (hence the three star rating). I mean, Logan and Beth were so adorable, I was rooting for them and wanted them to end up together. Not to mention the fact that Keith was such a sleazebag, I really, really didn’t want him to succeed in sabotaging Beth and Logan’s relationship.

I really hated Keith, guys. But on the other hand, his affection – such as it was – for his and Beth’s son, Ben, at least gave him a redeeming characteristic. If anything, he was the best-developed character of them all, I felt.

Nicholas Sparks doesn’t really do anything new here. But if you’re looking for something quick to read on a beach or an airplane, this would probably suit your purpose.

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