Friday Five

Friday Five #17

1. I don’t really understand why Ryan Gosling is suddenly the subject of about 50 different memes. But I think I like it. I’m pretty sure most of you have probably seen him reading YA by now. But apparently he also thinks teachers are doing a great job, and he wants to make sure we know it. I think this is probably one of my new favorite blogs.

This one has special relevance for me this week:

2. I also taught my first lesson today. I talked about…setting. Specifically, how to create realistic settings. (If you’ve been following this blog, I don’t think you’ll be surprised.) It wasn’t a complete disaster. And students learned things. So that’s good.

3. I was going to try to write tonight, because that sort of fell by the wayside this week. And now that I have some time…I’m already ready for bed, and it’s only 7:00. I’m so exhausted. I’ll probably end up trying to catch up on TV shows, because my brain is done.

4. Actually, speaking of writing, I finally broke and sent the Magnificent Pile of Crap, completely unedited, to my CPs. I wasn’t going to show anyone that draft…but obviously I’ve misplaced my sanity. So. There’s that.

5. New followers, I promise I’m normally more eloquent than this. It’s been a very long week. I’m already looking forward to our long weekend next week, because I so need it (already!).


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