Friday Five

Friday Five #19: Still Alive!

1. I’m still alive! I’ve just been really busy lately. When I’m home, I don’t really have much energy for anything besides vegging out to TV shows on Hulu, and sleeping. Speaking of which, I finally watched the pilot of Smash, and I love it so far! I’ll have to watch more of it after I post this.

2. The Hunger Games movie comes out a week from today! I’m so excited! I bought my tickets a couple weeks ago; I’m going next Friday. I’m going by myself, so no one will judge me for sitting there in the theater, clutching my popcorn to my chest as I cry my eyes out. I wanted to go at midnight, but then I decided to be responsible and get more than three hours of sleep before work the next morning…so yeah. Those few hours of waiting are going to go so slowly!

3. My 12/12/12/ book for March is Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt, because so many people keep telling me to read it. From the description, it didn’t sound like something that was normally my thing (birds? baseball?) but I actually really love it so far. I’m about halfway through right now. Doug’s voice is perfect.

4. My birthday is on Sunday, so tonight I’m going out for dinner and drinks with some friends. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to stay up so late, but this old lady is going to make a try. Hooray for something vaguely resembling a social life!

5. The student teachers on Tumblr have been sharing this video. I’m going to post this here, too, because it’s totally applicable to writers, too =)

Currently Listening To: David Guetta & Chris Willis – “Love Is Gone”
Currently Reading: Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt


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