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O is for OPAQUE

So I guess it’s time for another progress report. Aside from the two hours on Sunday mornings I spend at the coffeehouse working on SHARDS revisions, I get most of my writing in in bits and pieces in between doing other things. Of course, I’ve been working on revising that hot mess; right now, I’m still working on reading through it, making an outline, and looking at holes so I can do a rewrite – I’m focusing on the plot this go-around. In between that and getting all my work done for the middle school and Western, I’ve also started working on OPAQUE, the second book in my oh-hey-look-it’s-actually-a-trilogy.

So, basically, OPAQUE is set about six months after SHARDS, after everything has hit the fan. Whereas SHARDS was told from Calanthe’s POV (as well as some flashbacks from her ancestor-who-is-actually-her’s POV), OPAQUE is alternating between Calanthe and a new character, Alexandra, who is this really shy, timid girl who secretly hears people’s thoughts and has to hide it OR ELSE.

I guess I’ve talked about my WIPs a bit on here, but I don’t know if I’ve ever formally introduced my characters. So HERE THEY ARE. (I’m full of chocolate right now. SORRY ABOUT THE ALL CAPS [but not really].)

So first we have Calanthe, the 17-year-old MC and narrator for SHARDS OF MEMORY and one of the MCs and narrators in OPAQUE. Right now, I’m trying to make her more relatable, and less whiny and melodramatic. (Self from two years ago, you will so totally thank me.)

Alexandra, my other MC/narrator in OPAQUE. I feel like I’m going to be channeling a lot of my middle school self into her…

Vantandal, one of Calanthe’s love interests, who is Totally Off Limits because he also happens to be the nephew of Calanthe’s dad’s main rival.

Ethan, Calanthe’s fiancé and, later, husband, who totally isn’t as bad as she was expecting.

Drew, Alex’s older brother’s best friend (and possibly a love interest…).

And, finally, Haydée, Calanthe’s maid and friend, who is one of my personal favorites.

And…there you go. Meet my characters (finally)! Yup. Now I’m going to go back to thinking about Ancient Greece in between trying to wrangle SHARDS’s plot into submission…

And on a related note, no, I have no idea why every. single. one. of my characters is a brunette.


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