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Z is for Zealous & Music Monday #28

I seem to be all over the whole blogfest thing lately. First it was the Platform Building Campaign; then it was Blogging from A to Z; and starting tomorrow, it will be…

Which, I think, will be tons of fun, so you should check it out.

I mean, I probably won’t blog every. single. day. I mean, I obviously did such a great job of it this month, am I right?*

Except I’m not going to apologize, because I’ve been too busy writing to blog. Which, I might add, is sort of what this blog is about.

Anyway, in honor of May, I’m going to choose “It’s Gonna Be Me” by NSync as this week’s song, mostly because of this.

Have a great week, everyone!

*I did post A and Z, though. So, technically, I posted A to Z, right?


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