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I’ve been reading too many post-apocalyptic books lately.

Hey, look! I’m updating on two consecutive days! *throws confetti*

Anyway, in these here parts (i.e. Blog Me MAYbe), Wednesday’s topic is: MAY I ask something about you?

So. My question for all of you is the always relevant: What is your zombie apocalypse survival plan?



13 thoughts on “I’ve been reading too many post-apocalyptic books lately.”

  1. Stock up on big ass guns, build a safe house, stock up on food and water to last for years. Work out and get strong and muscle-y. And learn how to shoot those guns. 🙂

  2. I'm determined that zombies are so slow that and apocalypse could never happen. But to play along, I'd get to higher ground and shoot out arrows on fire so they'd burn to death. All with a firefighter hose, of course, so I didn't catch on fire.

  3. Uh, yeah, I'd be holed up in Alison's hideout. Zombies are creepy and disgusting. (Also, my husband always "DISCUSS" after initiating conversation too. Funny!)

  4. This is an easy one. Head for one of the San Juan Islands. Preferably one that's non-ferry serviced, approximately 3-5 acres, and already has a welcoming hippie family with vegetable farm!

  5. Um…first of all, i'd probably run screaming like a maniac. But if i was all calm and collected like i hope i would be, i'd grab guns, ammo, food, and my friend Holly (she's a national shooting champion…so convenient!)

  6. There's a guy at my church who cans ammo and dug his own super-basement five stories down (even went to jail for it for like 30 days for not following code or something). So, the Mister and I have decided that we're invading his house in case of zombies.

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