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Fever review…oh, and I’m still alive.

I’m going to post my review of FEVER today, since that’s the next book on my list to review. But then I realized that the past two or three posts on here have also been book reviews, so before I get to the review part of this post, I figured I should throw in an OH HEY I’M STILL ALIVE.

I’ve been really busy with Real Life. And when I haven’t been doing that, I’ve been working on my SHARDS rewrite (which just passed 9k this morning!). I had my final evaluation for my student teaching earlier this week, and all that’s left is to sign a few more pieces of paper, and then I’m done done. There are still two weeks of school, though, and I’m going to stick around until the end.

Okay. Now, onto the review.

I was a little meh about Wither, but I decided to give Fever a chance, anyway. I’m glad I did, because Fever turned out to be much better than Wither. While the beginning was a little weird – not to mention how confused I was as to how much time had passed since the end of Wither – we got to see so much more of Rhine’s world this time around. I loved this aspect of it, since the lack of world building was one of the things that bothered me about Wither.

Another thing that was a lot better here were the characters’ personalities. For example, we got to see more of Gabriel, and we got to see multiple sides of his personality, which made his character a lot more realistic, and made Rhine’s feelings for him more believable. As for Rhine, I felt like she really got a chance to shine in this one, since we’re seeing her in different settings. I felt like in the first book, she was more or less defined by wanting to escape, whereas in this one, we get to see the more resourceful and caring sides of her. And we even get to see a spark of personality in Linden, which I totally knew was there all along (sort of like how I knew Snape was good all along).

I don’t know what it is with me and books with cliffhanger endings. I read this one within a week of Pandemonium, and I seriously don’t know how I survived that week.


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