Friday Five

Friday Five #26

Currently Listening To: Michelle Branch – “Are You Happy Now?”
Currently Reading: Supernaturally by Kiersten White

1. So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably are aware that most of the U.S. is going through a heatwave right now.

…except for my little corner of the world.

(Photo borrowed from a friend’s Facebook page)

The joke around here is that summer doesn’t actually start until the 4th of July. And given that we, technically, didn’t have a single sunny day in June-uary* – and many of these not-sunny days consisted of us having rain dumped on us – only to be miraculously graced with the sun on July 4th…well, this remains accurate.

I was very confused as to why I was being blinded by the mysterious ball of light in the sky.

2. My family came up last weekend, along with the seven boxes of books hanging out in the closet of their guest room. I am another step closer to my life goal of living in a library. (On a related note, all the time I spent shelving my books will most likely spawn a blog post, because I’m a total geek like that.)

3. This week in unpopular opinions: let’s talk about love triangles and why we don’t write about boys.

4. The rewrite is…going. Earlier this week I got stuck, and then yesterday I had a really productive day, and then last night I was busy discovering my true calling as a Bejeweled Master. Hoping to write a lot today. After I post this. I promise.

5. Here. Have a picture.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


1 thought on “Friday Five #26”

  1. That picture is awesome! I love that meme. It's probably one of my favorites.And I'm jealous! My entire state (Colorado) was on fire only a few short weeks ago. Then I left for last week, and it rained like crazy here, but in Utah it was hot and sunny, and when I returned, the heat returned. … am I a mutant like Storm? But with heat? That would be awesome. o_O

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