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Review: Beautiful Days

Beautiful Days
Beautiful Days by Anna Godbersen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this one a lot, because we have a chance to get to know the characters better. My favorites were Letty and Max. Letty wishes she were more glamorous, and doesn’t feel very brave, but she actually is the bravest one of all because of her willingness to pursue her dreams without compromising what she believes in. And Max, like Letty, is sort of an outsider – he’s become a celebrity through his prowess at flying, but he doesn’t approve of the partying culture that Cordelia keeps trying to draw him into, and he’s got a few secrets to keep if he wants to be able to stick with his love of flying.

I feel like while the previous book was about these three girls trying to find their places in the hustle and bustle of the big city, this book’s conflict was much bigger. There’s more about the conflict between the the Greys and the Hales as they continue to compete for prominence in the city as, yet again, we see their tensions take a drastic turn. But whereas the conflict between the two families was shown to us in the previous book through Cordelia’s relationship with Thom, this one was bigger in scale, as we get a look at the politics of bootlegging.

This is a more romanticized look at this period, but it’s still a fun, quick read.

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