And Then Life Happened

This is an update.

Specifically, this is an update of the “I’m still alive” variety.

I just spent the past five-ish days in D.C., and I spent the entire time geeking out. (Well, maybe except the brief period of time I spent inside the Air and Space Museum. Mostly I just followed my brother around because the whole thing was lost on me.) I took lots of pictures, but since those pictures are still on my camera, those will have to be reserved for a later date.

EVERYTHING WAS SO COOL. I think my favorite part was the tour of the White House. Or the Library of Congress. Or the American History Museum. Or the tour of the Capitol. Or maybe I should just go with all of the above.

Anyway, I’m in upstate New York now, hanging around my grandma’s house. She likes to keep us moving, so I’m not quite back yet…should be sometime next week. But I figured I’d check in and let you all know how totally awesome my vacation has been so far!

Anyway, the Olympics are calling to me, so I’d better get back to those…


1 thought on “This is an update.”

  1. You're in Upstate NY?? Duuuuuude I'm like 3 hours from there. O_o We are on the same coast for once in our lives!!! Glad to hear you are having fun and enjoying your travels. DC is so fun and full of history – must be super fab for a geek like you. :))

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